Wolf Witch Screenplay Synposis


Wolf Witch is my complete, 100 page horror screenplay set in Western Oregon.


Werewolves are imaginary and wendigos mythical, but something stalks that rooted both legends.


A fanatical sorcerer named Spellbinder uses black magic to convert rogue wolves into wodnigi’s (wod-nee-gees), which are false humans specializing in gnawing random sections of people to the bone while leaving the rest of the corpse untouched.

Hot on this murder trail spanning from Scappoose to Eugene, Oregon, reporter Cal Kramer enlists his friend Chief Macoh Spirecloud of the Tormorock Tribe to help him.

Afraid Kramer’s revelation will cost the lives of his spirit brothers; Macoh uses white magic to telepathically inform his beloved colony of wild wolves living on his private ranch. Then men and wolves form an uneasy alliance with local law enforcers now desperate to stop these grisly murders at any cost.

But Spellbinder is counting on such an alliance using his supernatural monsters. He believes that glorifying Macoh’s team in the public eye will pressure regional officials into honoring his petition to restore local Native American lands back to their original owners. Once successful, Spellbinder plans to extend his regional agenda on a larger scale.

Soon both forces clash pitting white magic against black, wodnigi’s against wolves and Macoh against Spellbinder, who turns out to be an old and trusted friend the chief had never suspected capable of such diabolical crimes.

I can send a full manuscript for any interested agent, film producer, manager or screenplay reader to consider.

William F. Johnson