Triumvirate Screenplay Synopsis


The Third Triumvirate, my complete, 118 page Science Fiction screenplay.


Freedom will strangle if The Third Triumvirate breathes.


After 2030, newly elected President Garth Brady and Vice President Mike Parker assume the reins of a single government joining the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Rim. Headquartered in Washington D.C., this North American political merger fuels Garth’s dream of unifying the continent, which he believes will upgrade the life of every annexed citizen.

However, Crimson Cupola Chairman Victor DeSalle and a guild of dynastic families covertly rule a majority of the globe through murder, monopolies and technology. Their First and Second Triumvirates of Atlanterra and Indoasia encompass Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia under orbiting, high-tech Scansat surveillance. They also operate Metabolic Signature Monitors specializing in tracking and murdering elite enemies by remote control.

Now that North America has been annexed as The Third Triumvirate, into the Cupola’s political front known as the Universal Regions Council or URC, DeSalle and his minions celebrate. But soon North American public opposition surges when President Brady suddenly authorizes policies to control all North American mobility while combining all continental domestic police forces and the military into a single enforcement arm.

The Cupola assassinates President Brady after he authorizes radical new decisions on his own.  Mike Parker assumes the presidency but continues the same agenda Garth had groomed him for earlier.

President Parker orchestrates a lawful, electronic televote that transforms the short lived Third Triumvirate into the sovereign North American Confederacy. Then the URC declares war on the rebel continent.

Then North America immediately allies with the remaining sovereign zones of South America, Australia and Greater Africa to form The Quadrant Alliance. Although ecstatic his orbiting shuttle sneak attack successfully destroyed global Scansat and Metabolic Satellite operations, President Parker and his allies prepare for the inevitable storm of full URC retaliation.

I can send a full manuscript for any interested agent, film producer, manager or screenplay reader to consider.

William F. Johnson