Skyburn Screenplay Synopsis


A desperate environmental rescue brings on a perverse apocalypse in Skyburn, my 120 page Science Fiction screenplay.


Earth’s sky gets pounded by a prismatic hammer.


A renegade asteroid christened Wormwood speeds toward Earth. Mankind intercepts the threat by launching Savior, an orbiting rocket booster assembly to deflect the asteroid out of trajectory.

Hearing the pre explosion news broadcast before their descent, Alan and Rachel Carson are spelunking a deep cavern when Savior’s rockets accidentally detonate the asteroid into thousands of fragments, which vaporize in Earth’s atmosphere while unleashing a global rainbow effect.

Forced to endure roof collapses, colossal glow worms and icy torrents, the Carsons finally emerge through a newfound passage into open daylight. They accidently thaw frozen sounds and animate the permanent shadows of plants, animals and people.

Then the Carsons meet Achak, a tribal chief who teaches them how to deal with aggressive shadows and offers them refuge. But they refuse because of their urgency to collect Rachel’s elderly mother Sylvia at home.

Surviving several preternatural hazards before arriving back in their home town, the Carsons accumulate random allies while discovering that all living creatures wounded by predatory shadows eventually mutate into living, upgraded shadows themselves. 

Arriving home, Sylvia is nowhere to be found. Unanimously deciding to leave the city and gear up with enough functioning vehicles to convoy back to Achak’s forest.

But the alliance must handle human mutant shadows and a vicious street gang on wheels before rejoining Achak. Then an amazing climatic battle ensues.

I can send a full manuscript for any interested agent, film producer, manager or screenplay reader to consider.

William F. Johnson