Scolopender Screenplay Synopsis


Scolopender is my complete, 101 page horror screenplay.

Logline: Venomous pincers propelled by a hundred claws.


Jeff Rockwell and his assistant Rick Stoddard operate the freight area in the basement of St. Radcliffe Hospital. They receive a large wooden crate from Brazil that’s been ordered by their resident herbal researcher Dr. Simon Hackett,

Rick opens the crate but is attacked as a three-foot-long, orange and yellow centipede lunges out from under the herbal bags. Its venomous pincers and claws lock onto Rick’s right arm. He pounds it loose before it disappears back inside the crate…

Jeff reseals the crate before hustling Rick upstairs to be treated by Dr. Michelle Sterling, who is Jeff’s lover. Jeff reopens the crate, but the scolopender (technical name for a Peruvian Giant centipede) has apparently escaped out through a large knot hole. Jeff kills all her abandoned young and rallies a crew to search the basement with no results.

Rick recovers before a bizarre combination of venomous and violent hospital deaths force the local police to investigate. Eventually discovering Hackett’s strangled body in his resident apartment, they futilely search for Rick, their logical suspect.

Then the police search Rick’s house only to discover the mother scolopender within the basement inside a tangled room of foliage along with a menagerie of various aged young. Upon checking the master bedroom, they discover startling evidence that Rick is obsessed sexually over Michelle

Meanwhile Rick stalks Jeff and Michelle in their home and leaves after hand-to-hand combat with Jeff. Rick goes to his self-storage unit sanctuary in time to aid some movers in delivering another Brazilian crate to him. Once alone, Rick opens a jar filled with six-inch scolopenders; they respond to his finger snapping commands and enter the crate through an open knot hole.

Opening the crate, Rick finds and strokes another giant centipede mother while finger snapping his six-inch subordinates to cease eating the mother’s two- inch young. Soon even the two-inchers respond to his commands. He smiles while continuing to stroke the mother.

I can send a full manuscript for any interested agent, film producer, manager or screenplay reader to consider.

William F. Johnson