Scions’ Screenplay Synopsis


Scions’ Passion is my complete 104 page horror screenplay.


A scion kiss impels horror; but scion flesh oozes ecstasy.


Riding with Portland Street Gang members, Mal Adams attempts to gun down a random motorist on a rural Oregon highway as his nocturnal initiation.  But soon Brigand lures his armed pursuers into an isolated forest where his lurking coterie of scions slaughter every gang member but two.

Mal escapes alone to later join a local posse of men who have lost loved ones by dehydrating scion fangs and are determined to punish them. These murders impel Columbia County Sheriff Tim Strickland to summon Portland FBI Agent Ben Hagler and his team to spearhead the local investigation.

Federal, sheriff and posse groups eventually join forces with Mal relating his scion encounter. He admits his former gang leader has joined the monsters now changing his name Bard as a scion rite of passage.

The scions later inflict but also suffer heavy casualties with the posse before Brigand summons The Marquis Delambre and his superior scion forces for help.

Brigand’s mistress Barong quickly defects and captures a posse member named Danny Roarke before initiating him into Sciontry. The couple spawns a private coterie of Slayers choosing to drain animals instead of humans. After Brigand is killed by forest animals under their newfound telepathic command, the slayers contact and join Hagler’s team.

Bard severely wounds Mal before escaping alone. He meets a scion medical team on route to a scion rendezvous in a downtown Portland hotel honoring Delambre’s arrival.

Hagler leaves two sentries to protect Mal in a Vernonia medical clinic as his task force eventually springs an ambush on Delambre’s forces using slayer inside information. Severe scion casualties force Delambre to escape leaving Bard in Hagler’s hands along with a message that Mal is now his hostage. Both leaders agree to exchange hostages after hours at Portland, Oregon’s highest natural point. Mutual betrayals in both camps quickly inaugurate a vicious, climatic battle.

I can send a full manuscript for any interested agent, film producer, manager or screenplay reader to consider.

William F. Johnson