Gravekeeper’s Confession Screenplay Synopsis


Gravekeeper’s Confession is my complete 109-page horror screenplay.


Horror breaks new ground when black magic mingles with black markets.


Harvey Woolridge has enjoyed conventional success as Caretaker of Cypress Root Cemetery in rural Florida for over forty years. His activities seem routine and peaceful as any other licensed necropolis in America.

But after grave plots are chosen; cold flesh embalmed and adorned; flowers displayed; loved ones deposited and traditional mourners depart; a world of mind numbing horror lives as Old Man Woolridge fulfills heinous ambitions for which his bureau of bones provides an ideal cover.

Gravekeeper’s Confession chronicles the unholy hobbies, unspeakable sidelines and unsavory disciplines as Harvey indulges his black magic passions and black market profits with relish.

In the course of events:

  • A black widow spider is stalked from her own point of view.
  • Stray animals become lavish masterpieces through human blood sacrifice
  • Teenage cemetery vandals are disposed of by a preternatural predator.
  • Black market adipocere is harvested and sold as a luxurious commodity.
  • Wayward corpses, shape-shifters and live burnings firecast the future.
  • A talking wound converses and shadow ghosts are vanquished.
  • A marital witch duel gives new meaning for dread of the dead.
  • Spell casting impatience plunges an ignorant sorcerer into jolting horror.

These are encounters that no other mortician would dare set to paper, even after wiping the sticky, flabby remnants of the funeral trade off of their cold, clammy hands.

I can send a full manuscript for any interested agent, film producer, manager or screenplay reader to consider.

William F. Johnson