My name is William F. Johnson and welcome to My Malevolent Maelstrom. This is the domain where I offer stories laden with quirky perspectives to many themes of horror and imagination.

All of my flash fiction stories on this website are free to read. It’s my way of allowing people to sample my style of writing. I hope you enjoy them and I encourage you to send me any feedback about them by clicking my reviews icon. After all, even Stephen King has said that there’s no such thing as a perfect story, which also means that there’s no such thing as a perfect storyteller; although, in my opinion, Mr. King comes closer than most.

Each flash fiction title is available by clicking its reactive title nestled between my biography and review icons.

The screenplay icons provide access to the synopses of my six completed screenplays that can be made available to any legitimate agent, producer, manager or script reader who may like to consider them.

Below are synopses to various novels and short stories I’ve crafted:


  • The Third Triumvirate reveals an ancient dynasty enforcing global politics in the 21st Century while combining cutting edge technology with pagan rituals dating back before the Roman Empire.
  • Scions’ Passion features predators in Northwest Oregon with preternatural strength and longevity that stalk and drain their human victims without drawing any blood.


  • Icing on the Cake has a blood moon walker stalking a gang of cemetery vandals.
  • Connoisseurs assemble within a funeral home and compete in their own macabre version of beverage tasting.
  • Krohnstein’s Bargain shows a licensed surgeon how much a human appendix really costs on the black market.
  • Prime Element is an ingredient added to shaved cats, black magic and a captive gunman so that a lone sculptor can fashion exquisite Halloween decorations.
  • The Dark Heart of a common pedestrian underpass threatens violence, death and claustrophobic terror for a young woman walking her dog.
  • The Winnowing occurs in a fallow, nocturnal field where a sorcerer prepares a living fire ritual to predict the future while a vengeful corpse battles clustering shape-shifters in the moonlight.
  • Siege within a marble tomb subjects a fugitive female to terror and mutilation.
  • Joust has an apprentice sorcerer watch his master engage in a savage black magic duel against a female nemesis, which involves legions of the moldering non-dead.
  • Wormwood’s Legacy enshrouds the earth with a rainbow effect producing perpetual twilight, frozen sounds and violent, animated shadows.
  • The Nimbus Valency features clouds manipulated for an environmental experiment that yields catastrophic results.

There are no boundaries to a good imagination! So if you crave a disturbing tale, I hope that my offerings will quicken your pulse and haunt your mind. As my writing portfolio expands, so will the boundaries of my Malevolent Maelstrom. I invite you to share my stories and savor the dread!

Copyright ©2017 by William F. and Alice L. Johnson